According to written sources in 1925, this house was turned into a pub. When existing at that time Health Center was closed workers started to gather at the popular Dobuzhinsky’s inn.
Remembering those times and house use, the current owners gave somewhat unexpected, but at the same time original name to their cafe - "1925."
In subsequent years, as the owners changed, the use of the building changed with them. It was a billiard place, a hairdresser's salon, a women's salon.
In 1951, the house was bought by Petras and Janina Kupchiai - the grandparents of the current owners. In Soviet times the building was expropriated, by the authorities, but thanks to the owners who dared to write letters even to the government in Kremlin the house was returned to them.
In 1998, the building, maintaining the authenticity, was refurbished and turned into the restaurant "1925". The name perfectly combines that time period with modern establishment’s interiors. 
 Restaurant "1925" has been around until now; it is popular not only among the locals but also among the guests of Palanga, for its old time building’s romantics and outstanding cuisine.