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Martin, Holland, 48 m.
It looks great, beautiful bar, apartments and villa. About a month from now we will visit your bar in Palanga. Greetings Martin (Friend Irma)
Iza, English teacher, 32 m.
You are great! Thanks for fantastic atmosphere and delicious food!
Iza Markowska, English teacher, 32 m.
I was very pleased that I could spend some time in Your restaurant. I was there with my husband, and my friends. The food was delicious and the atmosphere of the place was fantastic.The service ws also very kind and nice. I regret that I didn't know about rooms You have. I am from Poland and I was in Palanga two years ago for the first time and second time this May. Next time I will think about renting a room at Your place. I like Palanga and I like Your kavine very,very much. i hope to see You again. Thank you!